Bijoya Sammilani 2022

We will celebrate Bijoya Sammilani on Saturday November 12, 2022, at the Wellspring United Methodist Church (5702 S. Hill Dr, Madison, WI 53705).  We will have a delicious dinner as well as variety of homemade sweets. (We are hoping members will bring homemade sweets as our long tradition of celebrating this happy occasion.) We will also celebrate Diwali with a mini scale firework. In order to plan and prepare with adequate amount of food for everyone, please purchase tickets by November 7, 2022!  

Sincerely yours,

Bijoya Sammilani Committee-2022

Sangeeta, Soumya, Ruma, Sovana, Rumjhum, Banashri


Snacks: Veg roll; chips and dip; tea / coffee; cookies for children

Dinner.   Matar paneer, Moong dal, Enchorer dalna, Egg curry, Goat curry, Rice, Alu bhaja, Mango tomato chutney with dates,


Snacks at 5:00 pm

Cultural program at 6:00 pm

Fireworks at 7:00 pm

Dinner at 7:30 pm.

Deadline to purchase tickets online at the discounted rate is Monday, November 7.

Purchase Tickets

Price before  11:59 pm CT. on Nov 7, 2022. 

Adults (above 10 years, including univ. students): $20 (member)  $25 (non-member) 

Middle/High school students: $12 

(Kids under 10 free)

Prices from Nov 8:*

Adult:  $25 (member)  & $30 (non-member)

HS students: $15 

* subject to availability